Off to Seattle this weekend for a wedding. Figured I’d try out some new iPhone camera apps along the way. Nothing like making a new photo look old!

Summer is here and it’s still wet as ever

I spent memorial weekend with my wife and some friends at a cabin on a small island near Seattle.  Most of the days were occupied with gorgeous hikes and plenty of time for reading, thinking, and general tomfoolery.  With all that being said, I’m definitely looking forward to doing some tattoos and getting back to work.

Also, if anyone knows the name of the manga girl in the first photo let me know.  I’d like to post a pic of the original so they can be seen side by side.

There’s a place down south that I dream about

Here are a few flicks from the past month.  My wife and I took a trip through the Redwood forest.  The picture of her is from the Siskiyou Pass just south of the Oregon border.  Nothing like some fresh air and a change of scenery to make you feel glad to be alive.

Lettering, flowers, birds, crosses and banners

I call them like I see them, and I definitely traced that swallow!

A new one and a few old ones

The shop has been pretty busy these past couple of months.  Here’s a pirate pinup I did around a week ago.  The other two tattoos are a little older and all healed up.

Fresh Rose & Healed Skull

rose & skull handsIvan came in the other day to get a rose on the top of his right hand.  He wanted it black and gray to match the skull I did on his left hand about a month ago.  All in all I thought they turned out pretty tough and oddly elegant.


It’s been cold as hell in Eugene this past week.  Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been doing the past month instead of being outside.

Bender and a Sexy Lady Robot

I did this on my friend Dan back in November.  Pretty funny and super nerdy.  Either way I thought it turned out nice and clean.